Drives, Decking & Patio Cleaning



Power Washing or Pressure Washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove grime, dust, mud, dirt and many other surface contaminants.  This process can be carried out on buildings, concrete surfaces, brickwork and aluminium where the use of chemicals may be harmful.

Once this deep clean has been done, you can keep on top of the clean every year with a Soft Wash treatment at a fraction of the cost with no more erosion to the block. With Soft Washing, there is no pressure washer blasting the sand out of the joints, therefore there is no need to re-sand.

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We can clean your decking back to an almost new look, how ever if it has years and years of paint on it, we cannot guarantee its full rejuvenation.

Once clean and dry we can offer to treat it with a quality deck oil or a waterproof coating.

These options will prolong the life of the decking.

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Patios are treated much the same way as the block drives however if you have a delicate sandstone patio we would not power wash this as it can cause a lot of damage to the stone.

For this type of patio we use a Soft Wash treatment, which cleans it chemically then rinsed off with a garden hose or if there are no outside water facilities we would rinse off from our unit in the van.


After the initial deep clean of your block drive or patio, It is beneficial to keep on top of the clean with a yearly Soft Wash treatment. This keeps the substrate looking good and inhibits the regrowth of the Moss & Algae. The other benefit is you don't have to re-sand the drive or re-point the patio. Remember each time you  Power Wash the block you reduce its lifespan by 5 years.

The Soft Wash treatment can be done at a fraction of the initial clean cost.

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Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?


Soft Washing is a low pressure cleaning process which uses cleaning solutions specially blended for each individual project. the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure to the most delicate surfaces which you wouldn't use a pressure washer on at high output.

The soft wash process aims not only to clean your surfaces but also to remove contaminants such as algae, moulds, mildew, moss and bacteria that are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. It is the power of chemistry that makes the soft wash process so effective.

We also provide an environmentally safe solution of a PH8 to safely clean while working with the weather, yes it is a good bit slower than the other processes but it is far safer for our employees to work with and for our customers to be around. 

Typical uses for soft washing:

· Render Cleaning

· Cladding Washing

· Soffits & Fascia Boards

· Conservatories

· Delicate Stone Patios

· Roofs

· And More