Roof Cleaning


Cleaning Process

This is Soft wash roof cleaning:

We start by removing by hand as much of the moss as possible, which usually equates to around 95%. We use a specialised scrapping tool then apply the chemical.

The cleansing process starts immediately and the original colour of the roof tiles come back within a few days. The moss & lichen are killed instantly and typically take 6 to 12 months to erode away from the roof structure, this is dependent on the weather conditions, so Mother Nature plays a big part in this process.

We can then apply a biocide solution to the roof at a later date to inhibit the re-growth of moss and algae. This biocide process can be booked on a yearly basis at a fraction of the initial clean cost.

We can provide other options to clean the roof but this is by far the less damaging and less invasive to the roof structure (this is in comparison to power washing).

Q. What if my roof tiles are painted?

A. If painted the tile is not porous as the paint has sealed the pores therefore the chemical cannot saturate the tile and a different cleaning process will have to be discussed. 

Q: How long will my roof stay clean for? 

A: We find that 5 to 8 years is possible. This all depends on mother nature and how aggressive the winters are during this period. Also, cross contamination from trees or neighbouring properties can affect this timescale, this is why we recommend to keep on top of the clean with a biocide treatment every 12 - 18 months.


After the initial cleaning of the roof, it is beneficial to keep on top of the treatment.

We offer a 18 month top up at a fraction of the initial cost, thus keeping the contaminants at bay.

We also offer a yearly Biocide top up with a FREE gutter clean.

This option keeps on top of the gutter and roof maintenance.